Friday, August 8, 2014

Grandpa's spot by the water

I have a layout to share today about a childhood memory of mine. I grew up with my grandparents living right behind us, from our backyard I could walk right into theirs. It was such a joy to have them close by and to see them every day, especially with my Grandpa I was very close. If I couldn't find him in or around the house, I knew where to look for him: just around the corner he could sit by the water for hours. Just staring at the water, watching the boats, singing songs out of the blue or having a chat with someone. He always seemed to know everyone! I loved to sit there with him, no matter if it was in quiet or having a chat or listening to his songs.

This picture is taken from the spot where he was always sitting on a bench and even though a lot has changed over the years around this spot, the view and the bench are still the same. I don't visit my hometown very often, but when I do get here I love to sit at Grandpa's spot by the water and enjoy the view...with his laugh and songs in my head.

For my layout I used the Amy Tangerine Plus One collection to combine an old memory with a modern design.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your weekend!


  1. What an AMAZING memory to capture! This is just gorgeous!!!!!!!!

  2. What a beautiful memory to document and a stunning layout! I really think the Amy Tangerine collections were made just for you … you always create such amazing projects with them! Love this!

  3. Love the story behind your layout, Danielle!! The Plus One collection looks really awesome with your photo!!