Saturday, July 18, 2015

Travel journal

Happy Saturday, everyone! As I mentioned earlier this week in my planner post, I'm currently totally into making traveljournals as well. Or fauxdori's as they are called, based on the Midori travelerjournals.

I'm still finding my way in how to make them, what materials are working best and most important what do I find pretty and handy. Last week I've been visiting a leather store overhere in town and got myself some pretty pieces in different colors. I'm working on a couple of them, but first I wanted to try some things out with a felt one. That's cheaper material and not such a big deal if I ruin it. Also, I love having some felt ones as well and with the right combination of colors, I think they're pretty too!

For the first one that I finished I have designed the inserts myself, because I only wanted pages/subjects in it that I need and not having tons of pages that I won't be using anyway. This way I could make a customized one for my next travels in September. The cover is dark grey felt with a soft pink elastic band. Grey and pink is one of my all time favorite color combinations!

The pattern of the papers is a Dear Lizzy digital paper from one of the Neapolitan packs, of course it had to be pink to match the grey felt. I've made pages to write down my flight schedule and hotels I've booked or that I need to remember as I'm not booking everything ahead.

For each day of the trip I have two pages for journaling and also room for an instax picture.

I've added some 'favorites' pages in case I want to add more pictures of the best places and activities.

The last couple of pages are 'must see-do-eat' that I will use to write down stuff that I think of ahead and don't want to forget about while we're traveling. It happened so many times that before traveling I had some specific places or restaurants in my mind, but totally forgot about until I was back home again.

All the planning of a trip is almost as much fun as traveling itself to me. So let all the fun begin!

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your weekend.


  1. This is such a great idea. I love that you designes the inserts yourself. The whole thing looks so nice and is perfect for you. I love to see pics of your travels although I am a little jealous! Haha!