Sunday, June 21, 2015

Clique Kits - I AM sharing my story

This week it's my turn for Clique into Summer with the I AM Gold kit. My version of I AM is I AM a traveler, as traveling is my biggest passion in life and I travel as much as my schedule allows me to. If you bought the kit, you will have access to my I AM a traveler class, starting today. You can find it under 'the clique' tab on the Clique Kits website. In my class I teach you how to easily document on the go and I'll take you through my process to prepare.

For the project I'm sharing here today, I documented the documenting...ok, that might need some explanation :-) I'm lucky to have a travel buddy who gets my scrapbooking hobby, who understands why I do it and why this is important to me. So you will never hear him complaining when I take picture # 263 of the same object while we're traveling. He also takes pictures himself and sometimes I use his pictures in my albums, to document his point of view or how he is looking at things. When I got his pictures, I started to notice that he secretly takes pictures of me while I'm taking pictures.

Those are not always the most flattering ones of me, but I actually really like these pics. It shows more than anything how I'm preserving memories and I noticed that over the years he took a whole bunch of them. So I decided these pics needed an album of their own.
I made this mini album that I binded with the WRMK Cinch on both the left and right side, so the pages open alternately to the left and right. On this first page you might wonder where I can find me in the middle on the bridge.

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day!


  1. I love the way this album came out!

  2. Wow, what a beautiful album! Truly very inspiring. Very clever how you bound (or binded, not sure) the album. Real neat how you can use both sides like that. Michelle t