Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A new winner and Teresa Collins Vacation Album

First of all I draw a new winner for the Petaloo giveaway.
The winner is:
woohoo welcome to florida. hope you enjoy it.
thanks for the giveaway while your away having fun.
im a follower. yippy.
Please send me your info: danielle(dot)de(dot)konink(at)gmail(dot)com

Then finally the album with my vacation pics is finished. I'm so glad that I did the pre-work for this album, because usually it takes me forever to scrap my vacation pics. Now I do have them in a mini album and I can sit back and relax. Well some of the pics will make it to a 12x12 page, but all of these photo's will not frustrate me anymore ;-)
Like I showed before I used the Teresa Collins travel kit for this one. Fabulous collection and so different from what I usually would use for travel pics. Recently I fell in love with my Instagram app, it makes it so easy to edit your photo's. I edited all the photo's for this album with Instagram, as I thought it fitted the style of the album best.



  1. Vind het een supergaaf geheel geworden! Slim van je om het voorbereidende werk vooraf te doen.

    Groetjes, Marjan

  2. this is really beautiful!..and so many fun memories to look back on!

  3. I would love to do a such project! It's really beautiful my friend♥♥

  4. wonderful album...well done, Danielle!

  5. What een onwijs mooi album Danielle!!! Wat heerlijk dat je m al af hebt!! en wat een geweldige fotos!

  6. This is stunning AND so fun! I should say magical! I see Cinderella's castle! The photos are beautiful. Love how they are all the same size. Beautiful colors, love it!