Thursday, January 21, 2016

Paper Issues - January Java Journal

Hello everyone! Today's page in my #JanuaryJavaJournal is one of my favorites, but also one of the toughest. The countless amount of books that I've read...and so many favorites! It was hard to narrow it down.

My all time fave book will be The Bridges of Madison County. I had to read it for English class in high school, before I even knew the movie was just released. This book got me right from the start and will be my favorite forever.

Number 2 and 4 on my list are both about World War II. Non-fiction books about World War II have been a favorite since I can remember. I don't know exactly what it is that makes me so interested in that period of time, but I'm pretty sure it has to do something with the fact that my grandfather was never able to talk about the things he went through during that war. It feels like I need to get all the information I can get, to try to imagine what it's been like for him.

Number 3 is a book by the Italian writer Niccolo Ammaniti. I actually have all of his books and like them all equally, I just had to pick one for this list. He is one of my favorite writers, his books are sometimes kinda weird but I just can't put them away when I start them.

The number circles are from the FREE JanuaryJavaJournal cut file. We also have two FREE printables for you to use with your journal, you can find them here and here.

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  1. Great list. And I really like your journal. It's an awesome project. Michelle t